To find out whether or not Ashwood University should be called diploma mill or scam, a small survey was undertaken. The survey comprises of two questions:
a) Do you think Ashwood University is a Diploma Mill?
b) Is Ashwood University scam or not?

The survey utilized both neutral people and former students of Ashwood University. 99.9% students of Ashwood University replied in negative. One student in the detail wrote:

“My degree is acceptable everywhere. If you call Ashwood University scam then I won’t believe you. Online universities must fight against those scammers.”

Another student defended Ashwood University by replying:

“Calling Ashwood University diploma mill is absolutely unfair. I got degree on the basis of my outside classroom learning and my case has been evaluated by the team of eminent educationist. It can’t be a scam. I don’t agree. Students must see the responses of credible online universities, before making any knid of decision”

There were some confused replies as well, like the following:

“Though I have taken my Bachelor’s degree from Ashwood University, I am not sure of its credibility. Besides whatever I have read so far about online universities, it seems you only come across with scam universities and degree mills.”

Negative replies came mostly from non Ashwood students who narrated what they heard from others. So we can conclude that calling Ashwood University a scam is totally unjustified.


Ashwood University offers a number of majors in its life experience degree programs that are tailor made to the requirements of working professionals. The majors we offer provide today’s workers an opportunity to earn accredited degrees based on what they already know, without the need to attend classes or take exams.  The life experience degree programs at Ashwood are duly accredited and recognized globally. They can be ordered in any major, depending on a student’s work or life experience.  All the programs offer a wide range of subjects to choose from and comprise of a diverse list of courses that a students can choose for their majors.

The reason why most online students want to get an online Ashwood University degree is that it is the leading on-line university of its domain which caters the educational needs of students and professionals. Ashwood’s online degree programs are a blend of technology and tradition and the university at present offers a variety of accredited bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degree programs that are made specifically for working professionals. Because of these outstanding features Ashwood is the first choice for online students especially working adults who want to manage their time effectively and balance their work and academic priorities at the same time.

Ashwood University also offers a one of a kind free education verification phone service which can help prospective employers in verifying the educational credentials of students and the reliability and authenticity of their degree. Education verification letter as part of a student degree package. Ashwood University also provides education verification letters that contain information such as which program a student was registered in, a student year of graduation, a student’s chosen major etc. These letters can be submitted to a student prospective or current employers or institutes, as per their requirements. They can then verify a student documents by using the internet link provided in the letters.

The Ashwood University’s Associate Degree Program offers the student the chance to earn an associate degree based on their work or life experience, without requiring them to take admission exams, attend classes, or study course books. The assessment for a student’s associate degree is done by Ashwood’s professional and knowledgeable evaluation faculty which provides evaluation services free of cost. Enrolling for an associate degree from Ashwood University on the basis of work or life experience is a flexible process. If a student possesses a minimum of two years of work or life experience in their relevant field of interest or major they can easily qualify for the associate degree.

Ashwood University offers valuable fully accredited degrees that fulfill all the necessary degree validation criteria’s. Ashwood is one of the few universities which strictly adhere to the standards set by government and private agencies for accreditation purposes. Degree accreditation is integral especially for students and professionals since organizations are always interested in hiring students who are qualified from an accredited institution. These accrediting institutions are mainly responsible for checking the accountability, quality and reliability of academic institutions such as universities. At Ashwood University a student can get a top quality accredited degree which complies with the quality criteria set by the accreditation agencies and institutions.

Ashwood University Online

October 28, 2008

Ashwood University is an online university that offers verifiable and authentic life experience university degrees in most subjects of the world at the most reasonable prices. The entire process is extremely fast and easy.

Being fully accredited, Ashwood University degrees are accepted world over. Whatever your goals are, if they are meant to be achieved, Ashwood University will help you accomplish them.

Ashwood University a preferred choice amongst students, especially working adults, for five reasons:

  1. Authentic accreditation status
  2. Flexible payment plan
  3. Life credential service
  4. Extensive list of subjects
  5. Free instant evaluation

There is something for everyone at Ashwood University. From financially unstable people to working adults and disabled people, Ashwood has the capacity to cater to the needs of every individual.